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Rachel Evans
Rachel Evans
Kennel Technician
Rachel has adored the company of pets ever since she was a little girl, and watching her Aunt Marie at work—a veterinary professional herself—only deepened Rachel’s desire to help pets hands-on. Her dream never quit! Now, Rachel gets to help pets daily as Walnut Lake Animal Hospital’s Kennel Technician.

Before becoming a veterinary professional, Rachel worked in the human healthcare field and served as a Patient Care Companion at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. While she greatly enjoyed her work there, she knew that she wanted to explore her ultimate passion: animal medicine. That’s when Rachel took a job as a Kennel Attendant and receptionist at a local pet resort. After helping pets there for a time, she decided to dive headfirst into the veterinary world—she joined the Walnut Lake Animal Hospital family in March of 2019 and hasn’t looked back since.

Away from work, Rachel’s interests include anime and manga, tattoos and piercings, and road trips. She also likes visiting the zoo and going to arcades. At home, Rachel and her family share their lives with three cats: Peaches, a sassy princess who makes sure everyone else knows who is boss; Pumpkin, who Rachel adopted from her own backyard; and Meowth, one of Pumpkin’s kittens who seemingly never stops purring.
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